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My friend and great Irish performer Mary Murphy put together this collection of my paintings and coloured them with her lovely melodies from her new C.D Honey from Heather. Over the past few years Mary and her partner the great guitarist Paul Keim have been the mainstay of my Ireland show. Our last successful run was 6 weeks last march/April at the new Oak Bay Beach Hotel.

After all the touring years with the Irish Rovers and later with a new creation ‘Rogues and Romancers’ touring “Ireland where the Song and Dance Began. that I toured through New Zealand and Australlia. It was all big business and these last few years has been a pleasure with Mary and Paul and along with Chuck McCandless – Joel Hanna- various fiddlers we had a lot of fun.

Looking back now at all those music years I feel very content to hang the old Banjo on the wall, play the old music in the background while I spend a lot of time at my easel. “As some sage once wrote “A time for all things” Well my music was indeed a time that has left me with a million good memories with only a few bitter ones to put aside in the box full of wasted angst.

My instrumental C.D’s still play over the speakers of the CD stand in places like Costco and WalMart. And now and then when I am least expecting it I will catch the sound of my old tin whistle rising above the shopping frenzy. I will walk by the player stand and push the button again before I rush out of the madness.

Strange enough to hear the strains of “The Lark in the Clear Aire” above the announcement of great deals at the Meat counter!
But the old music still lives and will hopefully still be playing away long after I’m gone.

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