Clare and MikeMy beautiful daughter Clare got married as September comes to a close. New beginnings for her as she becomes Clare Calabrese. Her new husband is a good man and my wedding blessing from my heart included “May you be poor in misfortune, Rich in blessings.May you know nothing but happiness
From this day forward.”

The rain that threatened all day magically disappeared, a rainbow announced a sunny spell and as my friend, Supreme court Judge Keith Bracken, performed the ceremony, the sun burst out and the beauty of the surrounding lake and mountains reflected my Clares glow. I felt a pang when I thought of that little girl growing around these fields and now here she was a most beautiful young bride- so happy with her new husband and I felt the happiness spread to all who were there. When the rain returned and we were all in the big tent, the food and the music and the dancing commenced and even the downpour added to the magic of the day.

The only glitch of the day happened when my plane stunt failed! You see I had saved a large bag of colorful blossoms that my neighbour offered to fly over the wedding ceremony and dump the flowers from the plane over the party. He told me that he would take them out of the garbage bag and put them in a box as “the plastic bag would be too hard to open in the wind” Fine says I drop em from a box.

Welllllll at the right moment the little yellow plane soared over the house (well he missed the house and came over the trees) he lost the bag in the wind and the whole bloody bag came flying like a bomb full of flowers and splashed far beyond the party into the lake. The guests thought that my neighbour was mad at me and dumping garbage!!! or even a body!! Ahhh best laid plans of mice and men!!! But at least I got a laugh when I explained what was in the bag

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