Here are several of my later CD’s that are always for sale. Listen to a few of the music clips to get a sense of the music on each one. In the last 20 years, I have moved away from the more well-known Irish melodies and pub songs into the more lyrical and classical of Irish Music.

In this, I have been joined by friends and other musicians of great stature such as Paul Horn and the late Derek Bell, of the Chieftains.

Each CD costs $25 and includes shipping and handling.

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Songs from My Irish Rovings To begin with, however, this is a compendium of some of my favourite songs from over the years.

This CD includes: *denotes music clip *Irish Rover, Whiskey on Sunday, The Keeper, Galway Races, Unicorn, *Black Velvet Band, Mill on the Braid, Orange and Green, Years May Come, Grandma’s Rockin’ Chair, Reel in Flickerlin’ Light, Athenry, Widow Maloney, Rose, Biplane Evermore, *The Dutchman, Wasn’t That a Party, Circle of Seasons, Music of Healing
the_lark_in_the_clear_aire For 30 years I have taken the Irish Rovers songs around the world. Often, I felt that the words got in the way of the beautiful melodies.So here is a mellow draught of music that I hope will let your spirit soar and give you some peace and joy.”

This CD includes: * denotes music clip *Lark in the Clear Aire, Slieve Galleon Braes, *Irish Brigade (Bold Fenian men/Hills of Shilo/ Skibereen/Ashoken Farewell) Carrick Fergus-Mary of Dunloe, Bonnie Kellswater, Factory Girls(Mo Mhuirnin Ban/Banks of the Bann/Factory Girls) Flower of Sweet Strabane, Islands (Dark Island/ Mist covered Mountains/Rhumm/Farewell Tarwathie)
celtic_seasons The tunes in this Celtic tapestry are woven with wistful, hauntingly beautiful melodies…You’ll hear Will Millar on a variety of penny-whistles, lutes and bodhran, Derek Bell (The Chieftains) on Celtic harp, and Will is hand performing on Uilleann pipes, fiddle, guitar, harmonica, accordion, grand piano and cello.Comes with a full colour fold-out Celtic Moon Calendar inside each CD

This CD contains: *denotes music clip. Maghell-The Pleasant Plain (Pleasant Plain/Hills of Navan/ Red Branch Hall), Beltain (Spring) (Patricks Silver Dagger/Among the Hazel Woods/Ossianin TirNaNog/Children of Lir), The Coulin, *Mabon (Autumn)(Queen of Western Lands/Spirit Stones), Fairy Child Waking, *Samhain (Halloween) -The Celtic Year begins (Fairy Wind/Lament of Erin/Devil among Virgins), Lagan Enchantments, The Druids Winter, Dalraida – Among Hazel Woods, *The Dance of Lughnasadh (Piper Sidhe Bodb Derg)

journey_of_the_celts Journey of the Celts takes us from the starvation and mass emigration in the 1840’s…to building hopeful new lives…and to the celebration of a people who have found success in every field of endeavour.Will Millar and Paul Horn have both enjoyed storied careers in music and have been recognized as ambassadors of music and culture the world over.

Passing of the Gael (Great Hunger/Leaving the HolyGround/Road to Derry Quay), *Farewell to Erin (Empty Fields/Kildare memory/To cross the Broad Atlantic) *Spirit Unbroken (The Bailiff in Hell/ Irish Recruits) Ships are Sailing (The Last Hornpipe/Off to California) A Fighting Race (Johnnie’s gone for a Soldier/Paddy’s Lament/Minstrel Boys) Music Box Memories ( Blind Mary/Once love a Lass/Parting/Deserted Village) Iron Paddies (Sullivan’s Saloon/Reelin’ in the Pints) Distant Horizons (Shenandoah/Western Plains/Bards and Cowboys/The Immigrant) *Island of Tears
women_of_ireland Most of these melodies were born on nights in the North Antrim countryside of long ago. There is a host of fine memories in these tunes. There are faces and laughter and soft loving daydreams that live on and on. The players are my friends and like all good friends, we found a way to celbrate the life and our heritage that gave us this music.

This CD includes: (* indicates music clip)*Star of County Down (Rosheen Dubh/Women of Ireland/Star of Co Down/Suzie Maguire), Bird of Peace (Where the Moorcock Crows/ An Eirinn), Spirit of Place (Banks of the Claudy/Curragh of Kildare/ Limerick is Beautiful/Spancial Hill), *Haunted Kenbane(Blue hills of Antrim/Lady McQuillians Lament/Longships of Dunluce), A Terrible Beauty (Boolavogue/Foggy Dew/Valley of Knocknanure), Seascapes and Safe Harbours (Cliffs of Duneen/Carnlough Bay/Mingulay/Tyree Love Lilt), Summer in the Glens (Summer Has Come/Hills of Donegal/ Moved Thru the Faire/ Buachaill O’n Eirne), Atlantic Crossings (Parting Glass/Holy Ground/Farewell to Shamrock Shore/ Women of Ireland Reprise).

Songs of the Unicorn “A big Irish balloon full of great kids’ songs for children of all ages.”

This CD contains: *denotes music clipsHey Li Le Li Le, Waltzing with Bears, *The Keeper, Little Bitty Ball, Tree Planting Song, Sailing in the Bay, Biplane Evermore, *The Unicorn, Windy old Weather, Reel in Flickering Light, Rattlin’ Bog, Puff the Magic Dragon, *Whisky On Sunday, Tell Me Ma, All God’s Critters

Here is a link to a fun interview I had with Ronnie Allen out of Pennsylvania last year. It starts with the Unicorn Song and goes on to interview me.