The Art of Irish Drinking

Another talented drinker

I am working on a new Art book at present “The Art of Irish Drinking” combining all the paintings I have completed with drinking subjects of Potcheen men and Pub scenes etc ( seems like there are quite a few!) Along with Irish ballads and poems of the blessings and curse of the drink! I […]

Ronnie Allen Interview with Will Millar

Here is a wonderful interview with Ronnie Allen out of the USA. It starts with the Unicorn Song and goes on to interview me about the past.

Another link which may interest you is from last year when I was in Calgary for an art show. This is from the Calgary Herald.

Will Millar […]

Spring Art News


Well the show at Winchester Galleries is over for another year and once again it was a success. Thanks to the hard work of Gunter and Linda at the Oak Bay location. This is a wonderful Gallery and I am very proud and quite humble I might add to be a part of their line […]

Another Merry Season is upon us.

Well the lights are retrieved from the storage and I am trying to get up the spirit to hang em once again! Wasn’t that only last month when i took them down! How it does rush along so fast! The dreadful carols are piping through Superstore aisles and I am cursing Maria Carey through my […]

New Video and Music

My friend and great Irish performer Mary Murphy put together this collection of my paintings and coloured them with her lovely melodies from her new C.D Honey from Heather. Over the past few years Mary and her partner the great guitarist Paul Keim have been the mainstay of my Ireland show. Our last successful run […]


My beautiful daughter Clare got married as September comes to a close. New beginnings for her as she becomes Clare Calabrese. Her new husband is a good man and my wedding blessing from my heart included “May you be poor in misfortune, Rich in blessings.May you know nothing but happiness From this day forward.”

The […]

My Irish Rovings

These days I tour my music a lot less, and spend most of my time painting in my peaceful studio on a small lake on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

After more than 30 years leading the Irish Rovers around the world I am happy with this new success as an artist. The mad life, touring […]