Another Merry Season is upon us.

Well the lights are retrieved from the storage and I am trying to get up the spirit to hang em once again! Wasn’t that only last month when i took them down! How it does rush along so fast! The dreadful carols are piping through Superstore aisles and I am cursing Maria Carey through my clenched teeth as she screams out “Oh effin Holy night!” The fields are frosted this morning and my thoughts are sailing somewhere in Azure oceans. A time of reflection this month as the 50th anniversary of Irish Rover approaches  and oh what a wild Unicorn ride that turned out to be. Full of excitement, success, of love found and lost and found and many friendships made and a few lost forever.  I check You Tube now and then and there are many of the old CBC TV shows posted. Those shows fill me full of nostalgia and i remember the high days and the good times. Not sure who is posting them but “Thanks for the Memory”

After I left Rover I formed a great band “Some Mad Irishman”  (named after a song written by an old friend Mike Smith who hung out with us in the early days) Here is a you tube clip from the Live concert in Christchurch Town Hall

I think the Keeper song is a great environmental piece.  I will write a few more thoughts this week.  I am off to Salt Spring Island to do a concert for the Salt Spring Folk society Fullford Hall Monday 9th Dec at 7pm  My friends Mary Murphy and Paul Keim will join me for a bit of a hooley.

So here’s to the start of the Pagan festivals look out for old wise men bearing gifts like spuds and crubeens and some Potcheen.  Slainte!

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